Tomorrows is the ultimate digital hand-me-down network where modern parents give and get quality outgrown kids' clothes.


We are flipping the analog system on its head by bringing it online and expanding your network 100x through friends, friends of friends, and communities. 


"I started Tomorrows after over a decade as a costume designer and stylist in the entertainment industry, wasting pounds of clothing and thousands of dollars by the minute. Out of my deep interest in solving this textile waste problem I began to study and teach textile sustainability in universities.

Then, when my twins were born, I instantly saw how quickly young children grow out of clothing, and how so many parents have an abundance of clothing in basement bins while others needed clothing for their rapidly growing kids. So I set out on a mission: To create a single solution to put the abundance of wasted used kid clothes back into the parent-ecosystem, keep it out of landfills, and generate the greatest value for each item. Enter Tomorrows.

To get the building blocks in place, I joined the top NYC retail tech accelerator. While in the program, I met Ashley, the numbers ying to my creative yang, who shared my frustration with how quickly kids grow in and our of their clothes. We joined forces, and together we created Tomorrows. 


Tomorrows is built on the premise that great kids’ clothes shouldn’t cost us, or our kids, the planet. Which is why Tomorrows uses our outgrown kids’ clothes as currency for tomorrow’s purchases. We succeed when clothes get up and out of basement bins and back on our babes, keeping them in the family ecosystem and out of landfills.


We are currently building the platform for you, dear reader, to use! In the meantime, we hope to be your go-to source for ways to make your life as a parent more stylish and sustainable. Being a parent is hard enough. Getting great clothes for your kids doesn’t have to be." - Haley Lieberman

xx Haley and Ashley

Haley Lieberman


Haley Lieberman, AKA "The Queen of Hand-Me-Downs," is a born and bred Manhattanite raising her boy-girl twins in Fairfield Country, CT. In her former life, Haley was a costume designer and stylist for stage, screen and print. After working on several operas, dozens of films and commercials and hundreds of fashion shows, it was time to build a company founded on making great clothes accessible to all while preserving our natural resources. As a lifelong thrifter, the idea for Bandana was a no-brainer. So with #twinning #momlife in full gear, Bandana was launched. In her free time, Haley enjoys eating and sleeping. 

Ashley Powers


Ashley is the proud Mommy of an adorable Havapoo puppy named Scooby, and was voted Best Aunt Ever by her nephews, Hudson and Max. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and swears she will never leave the city. Post Wall Street, Ashley’s career was a non-traditional mash-up of analytics, tech, and strategy in the retail industry. She worked her way into really cool positions, such as moving the Ralph Lauren company into Brazil, developing mobile products for Polo, leading customer analytics at Michael Kors, creating a wearable loyalty program for Tommy Hilfiger, and advising retail execs on emerging tech while at XRC Labs. On weekends, she fantasizes about having the time to paint.




Luis the father of two boys, a computer geek, and martial artist at heart.  He is a former production designer turned software instructor, turned software developer, turned custom solutions architect. A natural born problem solver, his path has consistently driven him to solve the complex with elegant solutions. As the youngest of three boys, and now having kids of his own, he understands the importance of getting the most out of every item of clothing. 



Marc Karasu is a known marketing leader, growth expert,  branding innovator, and creative director with significant experience and pattern recognition. He has executive management, entrepreneurial, and operational experience in efficiently scaling brand awareness, user acquisition, and engagement at disruptive VC-funded startups and growth-stage companies. As a father to two young girls, Marc feels the problem Bandana is solving firsthand.



Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with 20+ years in financial services and now an active angel supporting women led and impact start-ups. She is the Founder of Down to Earth Finance, teaching at Barnard College for 12+ years. Previously, she worked at Bear Stearns and Nomura Securities. Galia is also the author of “My Money Matters” which was featured on TODAY SHOW. With her two teenage daughters, they scour vintage clothing and embrace slow fashion.



Sabrina Wirth is a writer and artist with expertise in business strategy, whose work has been featured in Cultured Magazine, the NY Daily News, the Economist, and the Art Newspaper among others. Most recently, while filming a documentary on young refugees in Northern France, she recognized the constant need for children’s clothes. Her friends had an excess of nearly unused baby clothes, and this realization led her to connect with her high school classmate, Haley, and contribute to Bandana's vision.

We’re on a mission to get quality kids’ clothes out of basement bins and landfills and back onto our babes. Because great clothes shouldn’t cost our kids the planet.

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