• Paige Murphy

Ten Fashion Documentaries to Enjoy in Free Time

With all of this extra free time, documentaries can be a great source of entertainment and self-care time for moms!

Credit to The Hollywood Reporter for ideas on this list.

Photo Credit: Glamour.

1. "Martin Margiela: In His Own Words"

Margiela narrates a story about his own life and career and explains his choices for privacy and keeping his face a mystery in his fashion career, as well as his choice to finish his fashion career.

Shot of a Margiela fashion show. Photo Credit: Vogue.

2. "Dianna Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel"

This documentary tells the career of Dianna Vreeland as she modernized Vogue and revamped the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibitions.

Image of Vreeland. Photo Credit: thefilmstage.com.

3. "Dior and I"

"Dior and I" shows the transition in Dior as Raf Simmons entered as the artistic director, and the high-pressure environment of a brand leading up to a new line being released.

Simmons and a model wearing a piece from the Dior F/W 2012 show. Photo Credit: senatus.

4. "Fresh Dressed"

This film follows the history of hip-hop fashion, and even has surprising influences to modern hip-hop fashions.

Movie Poster for "Fresh Dressed". Photo Credit: TajiMag.

5. "McQueen"

"McQueen" is about the life of Alexander McQueen, and the tragedy that came as a result of his fame, success, and money.

Movie Poster for "McQueen". Photo Credit: firstshowing.

6. "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami"

Model and musician Grace Jones’s life is portrayed in this documentary, as well as the importance of costume and dress on performance and how someone is presented.

Movie Poster for "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami". Photo Credit: Amazon.com.

7. "Celebration"

This documentary shows the time leading up to, and during Yves Saint Laurent’s final fashion show in Paris, as well as Saint Laurent’s personal struggles that came with his career, fame, and fashion industry pressures.

Photo of Saint Laurent. Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter.

8. "Halston"

"Halston" shows the downfall of the Halston brand after it was sold to Norton Simon, Inc.

Movie poster for "Halston". Photo Credit: FirstShowing.

9. "Franca: Chaos & Creation"

Franca Sozzani and her collaborators on Italian Vogue reflect on their careers for the magazine during the earlier fashion age.

Photo of Franca Sozzani. Photo Credit: milanesegal.blogspot.com.

10. "The True Cost"

This film dives into the dangers presented by this current era of fast fashion, and shows the disturbing lengths some companies are willing to go to to produce their garments as quickly and for as cheap as possible regardless of ethics.

Movie Poster for ‘The True Cost’. Photo Credit: frajorden.

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